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Assisted Living Facilities Picayune MS

After two years of providing the highest quality senior care at
our assisted living facility in Picayune MS, St. Oaks Care Center is
ready to bring the same high level of care to your home.

why consider home care

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Why Consider Home Care?

When your loved one needs ongoing care, the burden can weigh heavy on your heart. Should you admit them to a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or some other institution? How many family members can contribute time to helping you care for your loved one? What other responsibilities do you carry? Home care provides an alternative for you. A skilled caregiver can come into the home and provide basic housekeeping and hygiene care. You are free to take care of other life responsibilities. Additionally, home care allows your loved one to remain in the home, in contact with family members and involved with family activities. Home care provides the least disruptive model of care for those who don’t require hospitalization but need a little assistance with day-to-day living.

Why Choose St. Oaks Home Care?

1) Our growing staff of trained caregivers build a relationship with your loved one. Because we treat your family member the way we would treat our own, you can be assured of gentle kindness as we provide the care your loved one needs.

2) Our Staff includes Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certifications to help provide the safest environment for your loved one. When one of our caregivers visits your home, you can be assured they have the skills necessary to provide the best care.

3) St. Oaks can also provide non-medical transportation for appointments and more.

In addition to basic care, our staff engages in activities with our clients. We want to make their lives better at home, so we plan activities for their mobility and stamina level. This might include games, social activities as tolerated, going to the movies or shopping, as the patient desires. Give your loved one the gift of home, with home care from the experts at St. Oaks Care Center. You’ll provide benefits far beyond the care they receive. Their dignity and independence will be strengthened. Give yourself the gift of time to catch up with other duties. Your needs can’t be ignored when you’re a caregiver.

Your loved one deserves the St. Oaks difference!

Not all care agencies are the same. Some focus on profitability over personal relationships. Others stress end-of-life palliative care over the quality of life each day. At St. Oaks, our goal is to make each day of your loved one’s life a meaningful day, filled with opportunity, dignity, and independence. We offer our client’s activities, both at home and away from home, as they can comfortably and safely tolerate. Even fishing trips are not out of the question.

With our twelve-passenger van, we can take our clients where they need to go for appointments and visits. We strive to make each day a happy one. That same outlook governs our home care workers, as well. Let us work with your loved one to help increase their joy, sharpen their interests, and keep them engaged in living. Chuck Richard Heck knows firsthand the stress of providing long-term care for a loved one. His disabled daughter needs just such care.

He founded St. Oaks Care Center out of his experience. For his daughter, he wanted a home-like environment, with skilled caregivers looking after her. He wanted a squeaky-clean facility with great food and planned activities. When he located the property in Carriere, he began a renovation process to achieve his goals. The facility provides fifteen beds, a communal dining area, a dedicated staff, and a top-notch kitchen.

Now St. Oaks Care Center stands ready to offer in-home care to clients, as well as the assisted living alternative.

Senior Assistance Choices Regarding Picayune, MS Aging Adults

Planning about senior citizen treatment tastes aids with understanding their treatment choices at a critical period in addition to any senior’s financial situation in their life, families in addition to friends. Having these discussions ahead of obtaining the help they might need enables a smooth movement, comfort, and simplicity for the household together with the senior citizen seeking the care and handling and affords the capacity to communicate with making sure the actual move is a valuable step coming out of almost all points of views.

For individuals who have never researched the solutions listed below are the actions to adopt to seek out quality care for the elderly. First, understand that Medicare, the govt medical care insurance almost all older people within the U.S.A. need to be involved in age 65, doesn’t pay cash for long-term senior care and care. Medicare covers a brief stay in a nursing home (approximately one hundred days with a doctor’s approval). State Medicaid plans, intended for seniors, will pay for continuing health care in a nursing home.

How to Select a Senior Home Care Agency

Many times the hunt for the right Senior Home Care Agency must be carried out quickly due to an emergency medical condition. Other times people can plan and research the variety of provider companies. Irrespective of your deadline, this is a choice that impacts everyone involved emotionally, in addition to financially. You want to know the healthcare service, as a company, is after all the required legal requirements so that they are liable for the caregiver as their employee and you are not. Senior Home Care Agencies must hire the Caregiver as their work and pay for all payroll taxes and Worker’s Compensation Insurance to protect you if any mishaps happen while the Caregiver is providing care. When the Caregiver was working directly for you as an independent contractor, they would be able to sue you if they had a bodily injury on the job or felt there were other abuses. All our services use their Caregivers to protect you.

Checklist: Choosing a Home Care Agency Needs

First, consider the true care needs and write out a list of things that have to be provided. Be in a position to give a good illustration of a normal day for your care receiver, from the moment they wake up until they go to bed, and also feature a deadline of when they prefer meals, naps, and other pursuits.


How much hand care is needed vs. companion maintenance? Make a list of potential actions if more company care is needed.


Will you need a Caregiver who can escort the client to physician’s appointments and social activities? If this is the case, what mode of transport will they use? Will the Caregiver drive the client in the client’s car? Keep in mind you might have to research your auto insurance coverage if this is how it is. Will the Caregiver induce the Customer from the Caregiver’s car? If that’s the case, be aware it will be tricky to be 100 percent sure that the Caregiver’s insurance coverage is up-to-date even if you confirm this in the beginning. If they have a late or missed payment, the coverage could be canceled without your knowing. Can they take public transport (bus or taxi cab)? This is probably the safest way of transport to stop the risks of insurance issues. (Some towns provide special transportation privileges for seniors, and you might choose to contact your local Department on Aging for information).

Memory reduction

Is there memory loss ? If so, have you had the Kind of Memory reduction diagnosed (Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Pick’s Disease, Frontal Lobe Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia, Lewy Body Disease, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Vascular Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease) ? Blood clots and brain tumors may cause dementia. A diagnosis of dementia kind will help the agency to better understand the care requirements and assign a Caregiver with the right type of training and qualifications.


Do you want a Caregiver who speaks a certain language?


How many hours of care per day are you going to need? Review the list of services you need completed during the care visit and decide on the minimum number of hours each day that would work as a starting point. The agency will have to be familiar with hours of service to assign a Caregiver and will allow you to correct the hours after the first week to accurately meet with the care needs.


Are there any special cooking requirements? Communicate any food allergies or special cooking requests and consider how groceries will be purchased or delivered if the care recipient is unable to shop for groceries on their own.

Additional Skills

Are there any “skilled” care conditions, like taking blood pressure, blood sugar testing, wound care, and also a feeding tube? Communicate if these technical services will need to be done or tracked.

Medication Management

What’s the care recipient’s method for handling medications? If the medications are currently being taken Can you know for sure? Be able to supply a listing of drugs and the method of tracking so the Agency will be aware of potential side effects and other requirements like taking pills with or without meals, etc.

Care Management

Will Care Management be required? As Caregivers are responsible for providing hands-on” care, they don’t have sufficient time to manage the overall care issues. A trained Care Manager can oversee all the care demands, from organizing drugs in a pillbox and obtaining refills (because of insurance purposes, this support usually must be provided by a Supervisor or R.N. depending on the state laws), to organizing doctor’s appointments and other essential services. A Geriatric Care Manager will work with family members and take on responsibilities that they are not able to perform and supply professional expertise in directing long-term care choices.


“If you’re looking for a great home for a loved one St. Oaks is the place to be! Very friendly staff, great food, along a beautiful atmosphere. They go above and beyond to make your family feel like their own.”
Natalie Burge

five star reviews

“St. Oaks Care Center is a very important asset to our county because we have numerous seniors that live and retire here, as well as entire families moving to the cities of the country from other places. These seniors don’t want to leave their homes or families. Sometimes families try to handle their care, but it’s dangerous at times to not have your loved one in professional hands. Families want them close. To have a quaint, trustworthy, and caring home available nearby for your loved one to reside in is invaluable. St. Oaks Care Center appears to be just that. We are very blessed in this county to have them here.”
Anne G. Smith

five star reviews

“St. Oaks personnel are friendly and loving. The New Owner is doing an amazing job with updates which is comforting to family members and friends visiting. The country setting promotes peacefulness and a state of tranquility. Thank you for your presence and caring for loved ones in our community.”
Tera Houston

five star reviews

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St. Oaks is a newly owned residential personal care home centrally located on three beautiful acres in Carriere, Mississippi. Placing your family member in a personal care home away from their home is a complex decision – both emotionally and practically.

Above all, you want them to be safe and well taken care of. At St. Oaks we understand your concerns and with a professionally trained, compassionate staff, meticulous attention is given to every facet of life making this transition as comfortable as possible. Read More >>

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“Everyone who works here, we all really care and want to make this community as fun as possible.” – Team Member, ST Oaks Care Center

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