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Home Health Care Picayune MS

We provide the highest quality senior care at our
assisted living facility in Picayune MS, St. Oaks Care Center is ready to bring the same high level of Home Health Care to your home in Picayune MS

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Get in Touch With Us To learn more about any of our home health care, assisted living or medical transportation services, Call – (769) 926-2596

We strive to Assist You to recover safely and Independently in an environment in which you feel comfortable. Our caregivers work with your doctor and supply care designed especially for your requirements and abilities, whether you require skilled nursing or rehabilitation help.

Why Choose St. Oaks Home Care?

1) Our growing staff of trained caregivers build a relationship with your loved one. Because we treat your family member the way we would treat our own, you can be assured of gentle kindness as we provide the care your loved one needs.

2) Our Staff includes Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certifications to help provide the safest environment for your loved one. When one of our caregivers visits your home, you can be assured they have the skills necessary to provide the best care.

3) St. Oaks can also provide transportation for medical appointments and more, in our twelve-passenger van.

In addition to basic care, our staff engages in activities with our clients. We want to make their lives better at home, so we plan activities for their mobility and stamina level. This might include games, social activities as tolerated, going to the movies or shopping, as the patient desires. Give your loved one the gift of home, with home care from the experts at St. Oaks Care Center. You’ll provide benefits far beyond the care they receive. Their dignity and independence will be strengthened. Give yourself the gift of time to catch up with other duties. Your needs can’t be ignored when you’re a caregiver.

St. Oaks can help you balance your desire to help with the needs of your schedule. A Registered Nurse is available to answer your questions about home health care services:

1) Discuss your Distinctive situation to determine the Most Suitable Kind of maintenance and the finest
fitting service options.

2) Discuss insurance, Medicare and reply to other issues about eligibility, costs, and payment options

3) Provide You with Additional information about Kindred services Locally

4) Our care is designed to help you take control Of your treatment, prevent future declines in your well-being, and boost your safety at home.

Home Health Senior Care FAQ

What’s Home Health?

Home health is a proficient Nursing and rehabilitative therapy offered in your house. Care is focused on assisting you to manage a chronic condition or recover from a serious illness, surgery, injury, or a change in medical condition.

Will My Insurance Cover Home Health Services?

Home health is covered 100 percent by Medicare, and we take all forms of insurance. Part of the admission procedure involves confirmation of insurance. We can help answer your financial and insurance requirements.

Can We Arrange For Occasional Transportation To Doctor’s Appointments?

Transportation, Notably to medical appointments and procedures, is a popular home care support. It may frequently be arranged in a few hours. However, the more notice given is better. A normal planned program can be installed, or so the caregiver can be used on an”as required” basis.

Are Caregiver Scheduling And Allergic Health Issues Managed?

Our service uses a phone-in time card system That alerts the scheduling supervisor if a person does not check in at the appointed time for any unforeseen reason so that a supervisor can immediately come by to care for a customer until the caregiver arrives or a replacement is arranged. This also guarantees that customers are accurately billed for the actual hours worked. It’s one of the Major Benefits of Working With an agency, the assurance and peace of mind that backup staffing is an integral component of the agency, especially for frail seniors.

Can You Give Caregivers Senior Services for Someone Within An Assisted Living Facility?

Yes, we do. We Arrange a meeting with the family to conduct a thorough assessment and create A strategy of care. This is not only to fully comprehend what activities or senior Care providers are required but also to have a sense of what kind of personality Might best suit him or her. Following This is completed, We’ll match the Individual With a caregiver. If at any time you would like to change your health professional, this Can easily be ordered.


“Everyone seems to be happy her, and the staff seems amazing, but what else would you expect with an environment like this place offers.”
Bobby Riley

five star reviews

“An amazing care center ! This center goes over the top and then some for their Patient’s. I highly recommend using their care.”
J.R. Kranz

five star reviews

“I would recommend this facility to anyone. It is a clean & pleasant environment with a great and caring staff.”
Connie Guerrera

five star reviews

Your loved one deserves the St. Oaks difference!

Not all care agencies are the same. Some focus on profitability over personal relationships. Others stress end-of-life palliative care over the quality of life each day. At St. Oaks, our goal is to make each day of your loved one’s life a meaningful day, filled with opportunity, dignity, and independence. We offer our client’s activities, both at home and away for home, as they can comfortably and safely tolerate. Even fishing trips are not out of the question.

With our twelve-passenger van, we can take our clients where they need to go for appointments and visits. We strive to make each day a happy one. That same outlook governs our home care workers, as well. Let us work with your loved one to help increase their joy, sharpen their interests, and keep them engaged in living. Chuck Richard Heck knows firsthand the stress of providing long-term care for a loved one. His disabled daughter needs just such care.

He founded St. Oaks Care Center out of his experience. For his daughter, he wanted a home-like environment, with skilled caregivers looking after her. He wanted a squeaky-clean facility with great food and planned activities. When he located the property in Carriere, he began a renovation process to achieve his goals. The facility provides fifteen beds, a communal dining area, a dedicated staff, and a top-notch kitchen.

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About Us

St. Oaks is a newly owned residential personal care home centrally located on three beautiful acres in Carriere, Mississippi. Placing your family member in a personal care home away from their home is a complex decision – both emotionally and practically.

Above all, you want them to be safe and well taken care of. At St. Oaks we understand your concerns and with a professionally trained, compassionate staff, meticulous attention is given to every facet of life making this transition as comfortable as possible. Read More >>

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“Everyone who works here, we all really care and want to make this community as fun as possible.” – Team Member, ST Oaks Care Center

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